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The Works Portal assists in managing large public works

The Works Portal is the nexus for all parties collaborating on a project. The Portal ensures that all participants have the same drawings, work specifications, budgets, contract information etc. The Parties can furthermore invoice each other through the portal and fulfill the public standards for electronic commerce and case management.

The Works Portal could be used by the Contractor delivering excavation work to Utilities and may itself use sub-contractors for parts of the work.

Another example could be an Engineering consulting service firm that manages projects on behalf of clients. Estimates, project plans and tenders are instantly shared with all relevant Parties.

Everything is done using the Works Portal – you only need Internet Access and an account to get started. HOFOR (former Copenhagen Energy), Fynen Energy, Elsinore Utility and others already use the Works Portal to optimize work on their Water, Electricity, Gas, District Central Heating and Sewage networks.

Read more about the Works Portal at Pernexus.dk, the company developing the portal.

News in this version

The Works Portal has been updated to the week 2 version. It contains the following functionality:

New Functions:

  • Improved editor for form templates
  • Automatic selection if only one option on create new page
  • Indicator for number of new documents shown on the link to Ny Open Documents

Minor bugfixes:

  • Filters on Mac OS works again
  • New item pup-up no longer jumps to the bottom of screen